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Bridge the gap between planning
and execution.

Our customers have achieved phenomenal growth across industries. With no change in people, process or technology, we made this happen.

Banking League

Inculcate a competitive spirit, improve work culture

Inspire top 10% performers to collaborate with the rest of the team and drive stellar results.


Inadequate frontline workforce engagement

Low Cost

Low cost of sourcing

Poor Service

Unmotivated employees leading to poor services


Engaged workforce

Old Systems

Outdated performance tracking systems


Community building among employees

Insurance League

Improve claims processing with contests

Improve efficiency by fostering a healthy, competitive spirit among teams to perform better.

Low Productivity

Lack of productivity, accuracy, and metrics


Growth in sales

Old Systems

Following an outdated legacy system


Improved employee productivity

Slow Process

Slow approach towards settling claims

Ease in upskilling the agents

Healthcare Sales League

Improve revenue integrity across the board

Motivate healthcare teams using tournaments to incite faster turnaround times, agility, and the willingness to adapt.

Slow Growth

No way to accelerate revenue generation and improvement


Improved effectiveness of sales processes

Rigid Operations

Lack of operational flexibility


Greater visibility into customer behavior

No Insights

Absence of actionable metrics and KPIs


Ease in upskilling the sales teams

Retail Sales League

Accelerate sales in retail fashion

Set and evaluate sales performance based on tangible metrics that are mapped to a scoring system.

Low Morale

Challenges in motivating scattered teams


Improved collaboration across the organization

Low Transparency

Lack of transparency regarding inventory levels


Get rich insights for effective decision making

No Training

Inability to conduct product training for teams


Brings spread-out teams closer together

FMCG Sales League

Fun, excitement and sales growth

Inspire your FMCG sales league to meet their targets by turning weekly goals into tournaments.


Limited Visibility

Lack of visibility into field performance

Grow Sales

Growth in direct and indirect sales

No Insights

Lack of visibility on the stock lying with channel partners

Improve Productivity

Improvements in callage and productivity

Limited Knowledge

Low product knowledge among sales teams

Better Visibility

Visibility into inventory status

Recruitment League

Unlocks recruiter performance

Motivate recruiters to excite candidates about career growth opportunities to recruit faster.

Limited Visibility

Limited visibility into processes for senior management

More Closures

Get higher closures with the same number of recruiters


Difficult to engage with work from home employees

Exceed Targets

Engage and motivate your recruitment teams to exceed their targets

No Pipeline

Low volume of direct references

KPIs to Scores

Turn bland KPIs into exciting leaderboards, points and scores

Small Businesses

Small Businesses: Grow your small business with the help of go-getters

Turn every employee into a star performer by converting team business goals into exciting sports leagues.

Challenges in communicating and motivating geographically scattered teams

Inability to conduct product training for teams

Ineffective sales reviews with no data

Improved visibility for delayed payments

Drive effective sales reviews

Improved decision making

Call Centre Sales

Call Centre Sales: Energize the workforce to excel

Make the workforce more enthusiastic with exciting games and challenges. Turn your KPIs into points and track performance.

No real-time motivational platform

Growth in sales

Communication gap between the leadership and employees

Greater visibility into customer behavior

Burnt-out, demotivated staff

Ease in upskilling the sales teams

Launch Your Leagues, Now!

Create your League

Design the league with KPIs, teams, scoring rules, and a points system

Build Excitement

Engage with new candidates and get them to participate in leagues


Big bang launch with senior leadership participation


Administer games, scores and engage with all players and coaches


Review the results with the leadership and design the improvements

What Our Customers are Saying

Ryzeup has been one of the best investments we have made in our recruiting career. It’s helped us immensely to better spot the top talent, hone our recruiter’s approach and ultimately skyrocket our technical recruiting metrics. It’s a must-have for any recruiter looking to improve their results!

- Established recruitment firm in Hyderabad

Ryzeup is a great platform for technical recruiters. It's a simple way to engage with them and boost their performance by 80%. We've seen an improvement in our retention rate, as well as the quality of candidates coming in because of the incentives Ryzeup provides. Highly recommended!

- A top technical recruitment firm

We Make a Difference

Early customers across industries have seen growth ranging from 10% to 600%


10%​ Growth
500​ Employees

Internet Service Provider

40%​ Growth
300​ Employees


600%​ Growth
6,000​ Employees