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Imagine you’re the captain of a sports team. You have a talented bunch of players, who should win you matches, but don’t. How do you motivate them to stay on top of their game and ensure you win? You engage with them as a team.

Much like in sport, employee engagement and inspiration are a big challenge at the workplace. Ryzeup kindles the competitive spirit across teams.

Founded with the vision to motivate, recognize, and accelerate performance improvement across your organization, Ryzeup is on a mission to bridge the gap between planning and execution by aligning your leadership with the workforce.

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What Our Customers are Saying

Ryzeup has been one of the best investments we have made in our recruiting career. It’s helped us immensely to better spot the top talent, hone our recruiter’s approach and ultimately skyrocket our technical recruiting metrics. It’s a must-have for any recruiter looking to improve their results!

- Established recruitment firm in Hyderabad

Ryzeup is a great platform for technical recruiters. It's a simple way to engage with them and boost their performance by 80%. We've seen an improvement in our retention rate, as well as the quality of candidates coming in because of the incentives Ryzeup provides. Highly recommended!

- A top technical recruitment firm

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Early customers across industries have seen growth ranging from 10% to 600%


10%​ Growth
500​ Employees

Internet Service Provider

40%​ Growth
300​ Employees


600%​ Growth
6,000​ Employees

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