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Accelerate your growth with competitive collaboration

A leading bank having 1200+ branches all over India needed to improvise their sales conversions. They were struggling to create a competitive spirit, sharpen their focus, have a deeper product penetration and improve collaboration.

Ryzeup helped the bank bridge the gap between sales planning and execution leading to a 75% reduction in sales closure to implementation time. With a growth of 50% in the monthly run rate they were able to close 2X more deals than normal.

Our platform enabled them to align their leadership and the workforce towards shared goals, which in turn resulted in 10% of deals done in 7 years closing in just 2 months’ time.

Drive Team Performance Through Contests

Teamwork is an essential part of any workplace and can lead to great team-building opportunities. Team competitions can help employees get to know each other better, while also encouraging continued communication and the development of new processes and solutions. Use team competitions to help the organization to reach targets. They also help employees feel satisfied in their work and be engaged in the business.

Employee Innovation

Succeed Together

New Skills and Interests

Strengthened Bonds

Enhanced Productivity

Plan Short-term Goal

While working towards your long-term goals, it is easy to get distracted. Keep yourself accountable by breaking up your task into smaller goals, focusing on specific actions and planning for small wins. Track your progress, reassess and adjust your approach every week. This will help you stay on track without falling behind even if you have a few days of inactivity.

Save Time

Improved Focus

Stay Accountable

Measure Progress

Gain Insights

Track Performance Not Just Outcomes

Performance metrics are KPIs that measure employee performance. They provide insights to employees on their contribution and goal achievement in the organization. A job may require both measurable and subjective contributions, so capturing the impact of both is crucial.

If an organization wants to achieve higher levels of success, it needs to know how much value each employee contributes. This can be measured in financial terms, such as profit or revenue generated, or in terms of soft skills, such as listening and coaching.

Set Expectations

Minimize Attrition

Improve Performance

On-time Delivery

Motivate Employees

Employee Recognition

Personalized Rewards

Employee recognition programs are often an annual event. However, we believe performance should be recognized every day, every week in order to keep the competitive spirit alive. Rewarding employees through software is just like digitizing employee of the month through your technology. 

Using software recognition can encourage people to log in frequently and participate enthusiastically in the contests. Data shows that people are more incentivized by earning a badge or a status than they are by monetary or other tangible rewards.

Improve Morale

Boost Productivity

Foster Loyalty

Improve Engagement

Positive Environment

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