The Power of Second Week Sales in Retail

The Power of Second Week Sales in Retail

As business leaders, it’s essential to stay on top of your sales teams to know whether they’re on track to achieve their monthly targets or not. Good sales performance is highly valued in any form of retail and is essential for business growth. Your sales team needs to achieve their sales targets by planning their month right.

Consistency is the name of the game when you’re looking to match or exceed your retail sales targets. Like in a T20 game, where the opening batsmen focus on scoring as many runs as they can in the first six overs, your sales team will focus on meeting close to half their monthly targets in the first week of every month.

Smart sales teams can meet or exceed their targets consistently. They have a well-defined business plan which lets them meet 80% of their targets by the second week of each month and complete their monthly targets within the third week. How can they go about doing this? They can achieve their sales goals by introducing a spirit of fun and competition.

Successful salespeople follow these handy tips that help them power through sales:

Doing an Effective Sales Pipeline Audit

It’s important to focus on opportunities that are likely to convert. Like a batsman who picks the right scoring areas guaranteed to fetch him runs.

Once these leads are qualified, smart sales teams set up practical timelines for conversion and identify potential barriers to the sale. They then have the freedom to experiment with various sales tactics and suggest new strategies to gain the interest of prospects. RyzeUp adds an element of fun to this, by turning weekly sales goals into sports tournaments.

Selling Emotionally

Smart salespeople can successfully tap into the prospect’s emotional buying reasons and close sales. Asking key questions to gauge what prospects are looking for becomes crucial. Successful salespeople dig deep to know why they’re looking to buy the product, build a stronger relationship with them and get key information to help facilitate and expedite sales.

Identifying the Easiest Opportunities

Some customers will always convert quicker than the others. Smart salespeople spend their time wisely on deals they know will convert. It’s much like counting on those batsmen who will score quickly in the slog overs.

They focus their energies on those who will go from prospects to customers in a far shorter time frame.

Using their Network to Influence Sales

Once they’ve found the right prospects, smart salespeople look for people in their network who could help influence the deal. These are essentially other connections in the same company as the prospect who can influence the main decision-maker. If the primary decision-maker doesn’t take their calls or respond to their emails, they find a way to reach out to other connections within the company and find out the best possible time to contact them. This makes it far easier for them to close their deals quickly.

Making Regular Follow-Ups

The third and final weeks are when it’s the hardest to get hold of the decision maker. This is when smart salespeople come up with an alternative plan. They call or email them early in the morning before they get busy with meetings, try reaching out at lunch or towards the end of the workday. Getting them during more relaxed times when they’re available and highly likely to make a favorable decision gives them a greater chance of making the sale

Asking For Help

There will be many experienced, successful salespeople to effectively guide you to close your targets. Smart salespeople don’t hesitate to reach out to any of them, as that can make all the difference between meeting and exceeding targets. Think of it like an experienced MS Dhoni guiding a talented Virat Kohli to make effective strategic decisions

Finding a Way to Close

The guys who don’t give up on their targets and keep pushing themselves to reach those targets in advance are the guys who meet them. Whether it involves making more calls, sending more emails, coming in early or staying back late, they don’t hesitate to get it done. Salespeople who want to hit their targets and get to the next month work harder and push themselves further, while the ones who don’t end up shifting the blame to somebody else.

What do successful salespeople achieve at the end of it? They close their targets and start planning for the next month’s targets by the end of the previous month itself, giving them an edge over the rest. It’s a lot like a top-level professional athlete preparing for the Olympics.

Final Thoughts

At RyzeUp, we help you crush your sales targets in advance using a fun, competitive platform which will drive you to accelerate sales. Set and evaluate your sales performance based on tangible metrics mapped to a scoring system. Improve efficiency of team performance by fostering a healthy, competitive spirit through weekly, fortnightly and monthly contests. Transform your work environment into fun-filled experiences for your sales teams and make them perform like never before. Get in touch with us today.